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How Does Your Guest Posting Service Work?

Guest posting refers to the practice of writing and publishing content on someone else’s blog or website. When we receive a guest posting order we get the content written by our exceptional team of writers. We also help our clients pick the right topic for their website. When our writers are done, we turn the content into live post and link it to the client’s website. This helps in traffic generation, branding and SEO

How Will Your Guest Posting Service Help My Business

We have an exceptional team of writers who know the importance of SEO. When you hire our services, we make sure the content you get is search engine optimized. We will help you select different keywords that revolve around your niche and brand. This will not only help you get search engine optimized content but it will also help in making your brand stronger.

What Is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority is a measure of how well a website would rank on search engine. It was developed by Seattle based tech company “MOZ”. The better DA score, the higher you would rank in the search engine results.

Where Do You Place The Posts?

We post the requested content to relevant blogs that have DA score ranging from 20 to 50.

What Information Should I Provide With The Order?

In addition to the topic, you need to provide us with relevant keywords and anchor text details. We will naturally incorporate the keywords and the anchor text in the content.

What Are The Best Keywords For My Business?

You can perform keyword research in order to find the best keyword for your business. The keyword can be anything related to your business that will help you rank better on search engine. It can be your brand name, researched keywords or geo-targeted keywords. If you are not sure about what keywords to use , just ask us to use natural anchor text and we will take care of the rest.

Who Writes The Content?

We have a team of exceptional writers who write the content for you. You can also share material and information regarding the content.

Is This Permanent? What Happens If The Links Go Down?

Yes, our guest posting service is permanent however if for some reason the link to your website goes down in under 90 days, you can inform us and we will replace that post with similar DA blog. Check our refund policy for more details.

Is Guest Posting Safe For SEO?

Yes, Guest Posting can actually help you improve SEO.

Will I Get A Full Report?

Yes, Guest Posting can actually help you improve SEO.

Will All of the Websites You Post On Be in My Niche?

Yes, you just need to fill in our contact us form with your link details and your budget per guest post and we will send you a proposal with the list of available websites, where we can guest post on.
Once you order our guest posting service, we will add your email to our clients list and will keep you updated with new high authority websites, where we can submit guest posts.

What Determines the Price per Guest Post in Your Service ?

As you have already noticed, the price per guest post in our service ranges from 97$ to 997$. The price per placement for this service is dependent on the quality of the brand name website and the level of research and time required to successfully get this article published.

How Does Your Guest Posting Service Work ?

First, we have to accept your order along with all relevant information including URl, keyword, number of guest posts and other details pertinent to the service.
To complete your order we write 500-1000 words of high quality and high researched articles and include a link back to your website.
After we have produced the articles, we send them to our contributors of the appropriate brand name website for publishing.
After the articles have been published we will notify you with the urls to your articles.

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